4000 islands where life is so relaxed


The sleeping bus from Vietanne to 4000 island had to be one of the worse experiences. Not only was it a long journey through the night. We had no sleep due to the terrible uneven road. The bus consisted of 20 small beds, which looked like an single bed in my eyes. But two passengers share this small area.

My advice book the whole bed if a solo traveller as you may end up sharing with a stranger. Luckily for me being small, I had no problem curling up, but Markus found it so uncomfortable. The roads were extremely bumpy so every position was just painful. I was so happy to finally get off this bus.

Unforunfately we had to face another bus for several hours, along with a truck pick up to the islands. We arrived in the area, to only later realised we got off to soon and were heading to the wrong island.

Tiredness and Hunger combined I was just over the whole experience.


We decided to check ourselves into a nice river front hotel for the night on the island of Don khong. Due to this island not having much to offer other than cycling around to the local village. We decided the next day to travel to the island of Don Det.

4000 island is a beautiful place, consisting of many small Islands dotted inside the Mekong. But only three are inhabited. Don det, Don Khon and Don khong.

Don Det has a reputation for being more lively, whereas Don Khon is a little quieter with higher prices for places to stay. We decided to visit Don Det first and wander around for accommodation. Passing through the tiny villages, farms and children playing.




Don Det has accommodation on both sides of the island  known as the sunrise and sunset side. We found a nice bungalow right on the river front for 3USD a night on the sunset side. A bed, with a hammock on a balcony was just prefect to enjoy the hot days and the sunsets. It was away from the main township and actually was peaceful besides the cockrals.


Life on Don Det is so laid back, the locals will work briefly in the morning and chill during the day when the temperature is at its highest.

We decided to spent 3 days relaxing on this lazy island. It was good to find somewhere to stay for a longer period of time. We hired bicycles for several days to cycle around the island. Being so small it is manageable within one hour or more.


Accommodation and food being so cheap it was a great saving point. The sunsets were just magical. Probably the prettiest I had witness on our trip.


Most days we found ourselves returning to the same resturant each day, with a lovely and friendly lady cooking some great meal we couldn’t resist. I personally fell in love with the three small kittens she had. Many hours were spent here.


It is definitely a place you could get lost in. Don kone being a short walk via a bridge it provides accommodation for a higher price but you also pay a fee to visit the island.



It was a nice place to recharge our batteries and just relax before our crossing into Cambodia.

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